Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Words that Rhyme or Don't LOL .!

Words that Rhyme or Don'r LOL.!

Lost in the coldness of my room,the fan rolls cockeyed on plastic and metal arms and the airconditioner is too cold for the covers and I lie there aching from the fun I had in youth now the broken down joints of a has been man fed and nourished now by my memories,remembrances and whats left between my ears not affected by ancestral infirmaties. I used to secretly cry at very emotional things and cheer for the underdog.Now I cry for any reason for it all is emotional now.The act of barely living takes all my strength,to die has just become more palatable although the manner is frightening or shall I say future ,the future manner.
Life is short do a job you love if ya can,don't try to do it all save a little of yoursef for the sunset. There are a few stairs to climb to see grandkids,there are miles to drive to see familly and whats the point of seeing the grand canyon if your in terrible pain.
Put down the cigs cause your gonna have to breath to make it to the kitchen. Ya need to be lucid to take insulin and meds.
Nursing homes have their place but to me they are dying factories where living wills are really a death notice on which to mark your X.
Don't write me that I sound depressed,these are the words of pain and breathlessness and fatique.I still have some reserves to fall back on so dont be sad,hug a loved one and at the least fix that broken fan. LOL--------------Papa

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