Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is not all she wrote


My dad, rest his soul--had various expressions--for instance "For Crying Out Loud"--now dad was born in 1923--another was he called strangers when addressing them---hey Chief--which is one I can't stand for some reason--another was hey Mack--not especially courteous but used by a lot of people.---another favorite of the masses--hey buddy.
He liked to say that things didn't amount to a hill of beans--tell that to the baked bean guy and his dog!!
Certain things strike my funny bone--for instance--your driving along and see a sign that reads " Draw Bridge"--have you ever seen someone with an easel and a chair sittin there drawing the darn thing?
Here's another---slow children--well help um out for cryin out loud--or give um some geritol to speed um up!!
Another biggie-----Stop A Head---I've never seen one yet--have yall?
Deer Crossing??? I've seen football players thanking the powers to be for their good fortune to make a touchdown but never have I seen a Deer crossing himself or herself or well you know----You Know!! night yall---Codger alias Eric

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