Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rexall Rick the Drugstore Cowboy

Rexall Rick the Drugstore Cowboy part # 1

I don't freak out if a new place is said to be terrible--by new place I mean a town where you've gone to take a job--because the way I feel about it is --every place has its positives--you just--- as the Marines say " adapt and overcome".
Such was the case when I received my Navy orders out of bootcamp---first I was to report to Memphis Tenn. where i would attend Jet Hydraulics Sch---Then I would go to Beeville Texas,Squadron 26-and be assigned.
I had a chance to talk to a number of old salts who told me about the many great duty stations I might be assigned to---Rhoda Spain--The Phillipines,Hw.,San Diego--etc etc---so Beevile Texas was not on that list--so I went around asking guys--"what about this place" no one knew--and then finally a guy knew!--He said I'm sorry for you --that place sucks--telephone poles, and cows and three eligible girls in town and 16,000 sailors, 3 beer joints and nothin but churches and cemeterys--and the towns people hate sailors!!
Well now that was a ringing endorsement--but my first thoughts were--hey --this is Texas--cowboys--and hunting--horses,fishing--jack rabbits--mexican food--hey this might not be too bad. You see the thought process--girls with southern accents--dark haired beautiful senoritas----
I went off to Tenn. and went to A school--I never really wanted to be a hydraulic mechanic--but the Navy in all their wisdom said I had an apptitude for it--my dad would be glad to hear that--since I never really wanted to learn that stuff from him--I got second in my class--if that didn't beat all!! I couldn't stand mechanics and I go and get 2nd in my class.
I went on leave after A school--dad and I talked Hydraulics and he was amazed I knew so much--that did make me feel good-perhaps he might change his mind on me not amounting to a hill of beans-comment he made back in 1st grade.
My leave came to an end and I flew to Corpus and had to catch a bus to Beeville, only 50 miles up the road--I know one thing--Corpus was pretty--there was a USO right across the street from the bus station and a YMCA--I would remember that--
I was waiting for the bus to Beeville--in my dress blues--and I got a bite to eat at the little rest. next to the bus station--and I heard an expression I had never heard before--the waitress said do you want to cut the beans--I said I don't care I can eat them whole--she just gave me a weird look!
My bus came and north I went--the scenery was not much to look at--dust blowin--raggedy little trees-pickup trucks and cows and barbed wire--that's OK--maybe some good hunting--and fishing--horseback riding--real mexican food--shoot I wouldn't be far from Mexico the country!Think positve---yeah that's right--think positive!

Rick The Codger

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