Sunday, May 3, 2009

salesman coming!!!

A few minutes of nostalgia

Morning all---just a few thoughts about the Waldorf apts in Arlington where I spent four years from age 3 till 7--
We had ice cold milk delivered to our front door--I guess ya better be home or it would be cottage cheese--
Pity the poor salesman coming to that complex--there was some kind of warning system--at this apt--this beehive of activity--would suddenly become deafly quiet--what no one home--we were all taught to be silent and maybe the guy would go away----EXCEPT--THE FULLER BRUSH MAN--oh my god he was given the red carpet treatment--ya know why? Cause he gave the ladies freebies---whoa there--not that kind of freebie--free combs-and kitchen gadgets--everyone loved the Fuller Brush Man.
For all yall that are now used to going to the doctor--where they herd you in--put about 6 in little rooms and the doc makes little 2 minute stops and then they herd in the next 6---not so back in my old days--the 40's and at least my early 50's---the doctors came right to your house---you heard right----to your house--you didn't even have to get outta bed---now how's that for service.
That's it for the morning post--as they say---gotta make hay while the sunshines-----The Codger

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