Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rexall Rick The Drugstore Cowboy part3

Drugstore Cowboy part #3

I spent my first few months in Beeville--the leisure activity part--hanging out at the club--going to movies--and to town--mainly checking out some restaurants--there was a good Italian and a good Mexican place--I really enjoyed just sitting down and having a good meal.
I went down to Corpus and stayed at the YMCA--they had rooms for 2.15 per night--it was just a bed but what else do ya need--and I went to the USO--and that was nice--there were some pretty girls who would talk to ya or dance----also someone played piano and it was like a bit of home--
I really wanted to get to know some folks back in Beeville--the towns people had such a negative view of sailors--I had to figure a way to meet some locals--I figured if they got to know me I could find a few friends.
There was something else I needed---a car---wheels transpo----tation!
I got busy on that aspect right away--I bought a 59 Chevy bellair with a 409 cu. inch engine---a beautiful blue with white interior--500.00 bucks--the guy ran away after I bought it--I found out on the way back to the base why--the car started smoking--it was filled with stp--cause it had a cracked block--it started smoking like a chimney and further more it was not a 409 as advertised but a 348---Welcome to the real world sailor boy!!
I was really depressed--untill a guy offered me 500.00 for the car--saying he had a motor for it--it was a Ca. car and had no rust--I had my money back--now car buying attempt number 2----------
Word got around about me wanting a car--and this guy contacted me-who had just gotten out of the Air Force--probably a friend of the guy who sold me the Bellair---he said he had a deal for me--I just about flipped when I saw it--it was a 56 Chevy -The whole front end was fiberglass as was the trunk--it was white car and had red and white tuck and rolled interior-done down in Mexico-the engine was a 289 bored out to 301--with a Hurst four speed and a 411 rear end and a 3/4 Duntoff cam --and some kind of cool carbureator--anyway the guy said it would blow away a Corvette.I gave him my 500.00 so fast your head would spin-----
I kid you not--here's what happened next--I started the car up and drove it to the road to the base--about the time I turned the corner an officer sporting a Vette pulled up on my left and gave me the look--I jacked that car up and slammed it into gear and we were even -then came 2nd--and I pulled slightly ahead--I rammed it into 3rd and tore the trannie to hell--I pulled over and had the car towed to a garage and didn't have the money for a transmisson--but a guy liked the car so much he gave me the 500.00 for it as is -- the guy had just gotten out of the Navy and towed the car back to Indiana.
Ok yall--I need a car--this is getting ridiculous-.
The next car I saw was a beautiful Mint Green 56 Chevy--original in every way and had chrome reverse wheels--nice tires---the guy was on leave--I couldn't get up with him---
I went down town to the Chevy dealer and looked at cars and found my car----it had been traded in by an officer--it was a beautiful British Racing green Triumpth TR4A--with over drive and a four speed--whew yeah--it ran like a top the payments were low-I was in business.
The next project cloths---to look more like a local--I went to the H.I.S store and bought a bull riders hat--Atlas boots,new Levis,a western belt,shirt and a vest..yee haaa baby--I'm becoming a cowboy.
I told the guys in the barracks that I was going to the Zeebra Lounge and try to fool some locals--that I was a ranch hand--someone knew the name of a ranch and I would use it if asked--
I put on my new duds --got in my sportscar and headed the 5 miles to town--to try out my scam at the Zeebra Lounge--which was part of the Kohler hotel. more later the Codge

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