Sunday, June 7, 2009

I got a new pair of roller skates lol-wheels

My Sportscar Triumpth TR-4A- English and British Green

Finally Wheels that Work

I loved my beautiful British racing green TR-4A 2 seat English made sportscar with white convertible top wire wheels,wood grain dashboard and over drive.It was fun and quick aqnd cornered great and a chick magnet at the beach.
I made one trip to Florida in it to one of my best friends funeral.Reinis Fox my dear friend and former President of our Explorer post in Maitland where I was V.P. He was tragically killed in vietnam,shot down in flames on day 5 and died a few days later in the Phillipeans of scorched lungs. In 5 days Reinis won 2 silver stars for heroism--flying his chopper in under intense fire to rescue fellow soldiers--had one helicopter shot up went back and got another and lifted guys to the hospital and on the second shoot down--went in and picked up soldiers wounded and pinned down but when they lifted off he was shot down--copter burst into flames and Reinis went into helicopter and helped pulled wounded out but singed his lungs and later died.
Reinis was an all american kid,an eagle scout and a friend. He always thought of others and was the nicest person I had ever met.
I drove my sportscar home to the service for Reinis-who was buried with honors at Arlington Natl Cemetary.The serfvice was held in Orlando.
The car made the 1080 mile trip from Beeville Texas to Orlando for 12.60 cents in gas and a qt of oil.
I made quick rounds while there to see my friends and family of course and 1 old girlfriend who was engaged.I stayed an extra day that I really shouldn't have and had a playboy/penthouse happening which I will go into later and the trip back was no where close to normal. I will give ya hints--it involves college girls,a girl from the neighborhood,a hitchhiker,a terrible head on collision near Pensacola and me making it to the base with 1 hr to spare before my few days of leave were up. later friends from Ricky

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  1. Reinis was a brother in my college fraternity when he was a student at OJC, back before he entered the service. I am trying to learn more about him & his earlier life - can you help? Please check your email, as i emailed you there, too. Thanks!