Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caught Naked

My Most Embarrasing Moment--

In the 11th grade--our gym finally got modern and got a washer and dryer--and bingo we had nice clean towels--We came in off the field and showered and the coach hollered at me to go get the towels from the back--yes I was as I came into the world--naked as a Jay Bird--when I ran to the back office--as soon as I entered the room where the towels were the door between gyms opened and in came one of the girls to get their towels--she was dressed I wasn't--I did a fast about face and hauled butt--which she also got a look at-
When we changed classes we had to walk by the bleachers and all the girls gym class was sitting there--and of course word had spread and all these girls started snickering and laughing-when I walked by--and untill the day I graduated I heard the little jokes and teasing. The Codge

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