Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look What I found Mom!!

Oh look mom there's a horses head on the package

Third grade was really a year of discovery for me--we had moved to Edgewater Maryland part way through the second grade and I was so close to my school--I just had to walk across a field and one small road and I was there-
One day I was walking home and discovered a small package on the side of the road.The package had a horse's head on it--a Trojan horse.
I thought it was cool-cause I liked horse's--I walked in the door hollering--mom look what I found--what is it----and she went nuts hollering at me---"Where did you find that young man"--I said the side of the road--and I asked her again what is it--she thought for a minute and calmly said--they're jar lid covers for keeping things fresh--but these are dirty now I'm throwing them away--sounded good to me--that was that! Eric

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