Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rexall Rick The Drug Store Cowboy part #2

Rexall Rick the Drugstore Cowboy part#2

I arrived in Beeville--and saw the main drag--it was an old town--small shops,not much to it--there wasn't a way to the base--I was directed to a ride stand---the guy said sit there and anyone heading out to the base may stop and give you a ride---That ride stand was the best advertisement around for buying a car--it seems that the gay guys cruised the ride stand looking for action--a good indication was getting a ride and a mile or two toward the base a hand grabs your leg and you get a more than friendly invitation--which was followed by a long walk after a short refusal.
Luckily a Chief stopped and gave me a ride------
I reported in--that's Navy talk for reporting in! I was assigned a barracks--which was empty--the Master at Arms said the guys were at a Squadron beer bust over at the ball field--and I should go there--which I did--I met my chief who welcomed me aboard--handing me a beer--he said do you enjoy drinking G------I said "yes"---that was funny--a guy at the gas station back home bought me my first beer before I left--yeah I guess I was an offical drinker.The Chief said good--I don't trust non drinkers.
I was assigned a cube--/which means room and also assigned a room mate-got to play a little poker that night in the rec room--loosing my butt as usual--but found out from the guys that you had to leave town to have a good time--that Beeville offered nothing-no girls except midnight Mary--they just laughed when I ask who she was--saying you'll find out.
I didn't have a car--very little rank and very small paychecks--the base had a club with very inexpensive drinks--and girls did come from the surrounding towns to the base dances--also there was a movie theatre that cost 35 cents--a 10 lane bowling alley--a base exchange-and special services checked out recreational items like tents and stuff.
I was assigned to the 1st Lt's div--while I waited a permanent job location----1st Lt's--cleaned the hangar and bathrooms and other such lovely details---I knew I was going to the hydraulics shop why I was second in my class---WRONG--Mr. Propellar head--I was assigned to the flightline as a plane captain--which sounds cool but is the bottom rung on the line but none the less an important job--all are when jet aircraft and lives are at stake.
I'm going to save all this info for another story and get back to the Rexall Rick----story--
I caught rides to town and checked it out--mainly the 3 bars--the little brown jug--the flamingo and the Zeebra Lounge--all of which were filled with guys--mainly sailors--no women--they had guys coming by playing country western music and passing a hat--and let me tell yall--they were all good--makes you wonder about the fine line of making and not making the music field as a vocation---
------------------------------------------more later---the Codge

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