Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Way things are Going

I feel bad today but know there are those who feel worse.
It's getting harder to write when lying under the covers sounds like more fun.
I'm only at age 18/19 in my memoirs. I think I'm hesitating because a lot of my mistakes are coming and am not excited about revealing them.
As I wish my kids to be better than I so I wish them to learn from my mistakes and do better themselves.
I'm trying to improve my mind,the new spanish word for the day is postre--it means desert,I'll take key lime pie thank you.
I think I can read people.I have spent so much time trying to sell to folks that I can tell they're mind set on the issues.I wasted a lot of valuable sales time coming back on Thursday to get the order when I knew in my heaqrt of hearts that when the guy said he would buy Thursday he was just saying a mis-truth to get rid of me,
It's a pet peeve of mine--so I call them on it--just to watch them squirm. There I am Thurday,order pad in hand saying hey its me I"m back as per your request to write that order LOL.They're memory suddenly fails them and they start hemmmmming and Hawwwwwing and turning red and stuff. I give them this--I trusted you look and feeling of hurt and betrayl look-and get every bit of my lost time and order I did my part routine and wasted my time to call you out sukka!!
To their credit they never backed down and ordered out of shame--nor did they admmit to saying they would order to get rid of me.Perhaps they will think twice twice before doing it again.-------------------Right!!!!. The Codger Rick

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