Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Times Happen Once LOL!!!

The First Time

The First Time

The first time I was kissed by a girl was on the playground in elementary school-she did a kiss and run--I told my buds, dumb girl but said it with a smile on my face.
The first time I kissed a girl was when I was 14--I was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol and we had a hayride--and my date was a wonderful girl named Joan, slim and shy and very sweet--we made out in the hay and it was so nice,her lips were like sugar and the feeling was something I had never felt before.
My first date was when I was 13, a girl scout dance--my best friend Nancy was the scout and her mother called my mother and ask if I could es-court their daughter to the dance--It was so exciting but also scary cause I could not dance---Nancy was my best friend and to this day my oldest friend--I have known her since 2nd grade---and she will be a future story--called The Black Haired Girl----Nancy spent the 6 weeks leading up to the dance--teaching me how to dance--and we also practiced me coming to the door and greeting her parents and me pulling her chair at the table and me opening the door to the car to let her in and having small talk etc.--preparation, preparation preparation---The end result was----We Won the Jitterbug Contest, The Stroll contest and got second in the Continental and after that I started looking at my best friend and fishing buddy in a different way
but we moved after that --from Maryland to Florida and I lost track of my best friend for the next 43 years--until I found her a few years ago--I got to tell her what her friendship had meant to me and we are now in communication again, me and my Little Black haired girl.
There were a lot of first times and most are very memorable--The first time driving,flying,making love-and the first funeral and memorial service,the first time being dumped,speaking to an audience--etc---many evoke strong feelings --felt for the first time.
This my first time Blogging and I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and reading yalls. The Codge

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