Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hornets,Clippers,Cryslers,and the PAN

Grandfather C--liked autos a lot--and was always buying them--Hudson Hornets,Packard Clippers and Cryslers--and others--he would give us grand kids the royal tour of the new cars including all the technical knowledge--I think Clippers had hydraulic shocks that you could adjust from the car--and Hudsons had some great transmission. When Grandad drove to South Florida every year for the Winter he seemed to have a new car each time---and describe the ride and fuel useage etc. He loved his cars----another family member loved his as well--he is the family member no one told us about--Great Uncle Samuel Conner Pandolfo--G Grandmother Lenas brother--just type it in on the computer under his name----or his car---The Pan---and you will see why they didn't tell us--but I think he was railroaded----Eric the Codge---go to pan towners web site--history of pan auto to read about uncle Sam Pandolfo
Rick the Codger

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