Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rexall Rick The Drugstore Cowboy part #4

Drugstore Cowboy part #4

My bull riders hat was so tall it hit the convertible top so I had to lay it on the seat--the 5 miles went fast and soon I was at the back parking lot to the Zeebra Lounge. I put my hat on-tilted it back a bit--yeah I looked good--oh yeah one last detail--I picked up a hand of dirt and rubbed it on the new Levis--ahh shoot--even cowboys gotta buy new pants once and a while--I headed on into the bar--my heart was beating kinda fast--if I screwed this up I might get the crap beat outta me.
I walked through the pool room into the main lounge--there were only 4 people in the place-a lady bartender and 3 ranch hands sitting at a table---I sat down at the bar and ordered a Lonestar--I liked Bud but thought it would be better to drink a Texas Beer--The song playing on the jukebox was Pretty Eyes--I took a sip of my ice cold beer and hadn't even put the bottle down when the invitation came-------Hey Buddy--would ya like to join us over here!
My blood ran cold but I turned and said--Sure--thanks a lot. to the ranchers at the table behind me--they pulled out a chair and I sat down--and the small talk started--We haven't seen you around here-are ya new in town? Why yes I am---! " where do ya work"? I had to use the ranch name earlier than I planned--so I said it--and then the conversation turned to catle--I was holding my own--or so I thought when I used a term that was incorrect---I said Bull Cow--you would have thought time stood still--as quiet as the place got--one of the ranchers went over and unplugged the juke box--they all stood up and over me and balled up their fist--I thought I was gonna get the shi----beat outta me--instead they all started laughing--and patting me on the back--they had me pegged as a sailor boy the minute I walked into the place------"Why you ask" first my levis were riding high up on the sides of my Atlas Boots instead of all the way down even with the bottom of the heels on the boots---next--my hat wasn't bent properly and I also hadaled it incorrectly--next--I was clean shaven --hair was credit card lenght--hands were not rough--only sailors bought cloths from H.I.S-----Ya know what they liked my guts--I drank and talked with them a few hours and actually got an invitation from them--they said " Rick--how would you like to see some real cowboys in action--they told me to come to the town of Skidmore the following weekend to what they called a jackpot rodeo--the town was only 10 miles from Beeville---I went back to the base feeling quite proud of myself--I had me some new friends--but lord have mercy--I had no idea what I was about to get into. Rick the codgerman

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