Friday, May 22, 2009

Fast Summary of the Wild Years in the Navy

dated amd partied and dated and partied and dated and partied.
I did not do one thing constructive other than attain rank as fast as I could and spend the money on dates and parties.
I had a roomate who got his pilots license while I was dating and partieing and he also got his associates degree while I dated and partied.I was a total idiot.
I finally bought a car,a 1959 Chevy Bellair,Royal Blue with a 409 cu inch V-8. The only problem was it had a 348 cu inch motor with a cracked block. I paid 500.00 for this car and it started smoking like a chimmney after 5 miles and the owner went running with the money and never saw him again.
It was a Ca. car with no rust and a guy with an engine gave me 500.00 for the car as it was.
I then bought a 56 Chevy with as fiberglass lift up front end and a fiberglass trunk,a red and white tuck and rolled interior a 289 bored out to 301 with a hurst shifter and a 3/4 duntoff cam and a big 4 barrel carbureator and the promise that it would beat a Corvette in the 1/4 mile.I drove the car from where I bought it and came up to the road to the base,turned right and a Officer in a Vette pulled up alongside--this is the gosh awful truth--he reeved his engine---I reeved mine. I popped the clutch and got him out of the hole,shifted into second and blew the transmission to hell.
I did not have money for another transmission -but a guy loved the car and gave me my 500.00 back and he towed the car to Illinoise as he was getting out of the Navy.
I took the 500.00 and went to a car dealership in Beeville and bought a TR4A Triumpth,British Racing Green --English Sportscar and had small monthly payments. It had
wire wheels and over drive,wood grain dash and a white top.
It was a sharp little car and I finally ha a way around and my choices improved considerably. more later Rick the Codgerman

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