Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Writing Inspiration

Writing Inspiration

I had a teacher in elementary school possibly 5th grade who told me I should be a writer--I had written a poem about where oil comes from--and she thought it was good and inspired me to write----
In the 10th grade I got 2nd place in an essay contest-"What America means to me" and I wrote a fiction story and was encouraged to write by an english teacher.
I also like art---but my parents told me--artist and writers starve to death--and I should forget that--
In 1992-I wrote some non fiction stories--and sent them to various publishers to say I had done it--and I actually received the famous rejection letters although some were encouraging sounding--and it was exciting to get the letters--they said---good story--not done in a new way--or a different way--
I stopped sending the samples of my work and forgot about it--and then one day a letter of acceptance came for one of my stories--and it was published in a small N.E magazine--and I was actually paid---3 free copies of the mag--and later my Florida home town published one of my works in the city paper---so as minor as it was --I was published. on the first attempt---I mainly write for the family history--have two or three novels n mind--perhaps I will start one here on the blog The Codger

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