Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wild Navy Years part 4

When your in your 20's life is pretty much the pursuit of women--
It is just about the basics-finding them getting to know them and going as far as ya can.I mean we Sailors have stood on corners watching cars go by and whistling at or hollering at women. In the 60's ya had to watch one thing that you were actually hollering at a woman---problem was men in the 60's had long hair,many of them.
We were down in Corpus in 66 when a car went by with 2 chicks--I hollered they looked and it was 2 dudes who needed shaves LOL --I was totally embarassed.
I met many of the girls I dated at dances. If you can boogie down you can do OK with the ladies.
I made a number of trips to Mexico but never felt good about it. It was rarely a good sexual experience,kinda pitiful actually. I was always frightened I might catch something and that scared me a lot.Quite frankly sex without attachement of some degree is not very good.I became very selective with the spanish girls I dated. I quit going to Mexico. I dated one girl who was friends with my room mates girlfriend and I went on double dates with them. Her name was Lupe and she was a very nice person,attractive but a little too quiet for my taste.
My room mate Tom dated a girl named Nancy who was Spanish and had married a sailor who died. Nancy had a small cottage/cabin and we had many parties there where we got together with our friends. It was at that house that I tried Scotch for the first time and did not like it,and here I was part scotch LOL. It was the first time someone told me this line---It's an aquired taste---LOL it certainly is lol!! Rick

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