Saturday, April 25, 2009

When I was 3/4 years old

Tiny little ghost creatures in my room,docs carrying hypodermic needles ,making house calls, a trip to the moon and all the ice cream you could eat. Back to Full Blog

When I was a little guy of 3/4 years-I was afraid to go to bed and have the door shut to my room-because there were little creatures in my room--less than 2 feet tall--they sat on my bed, jumped up and down when the door shut and the lights were out. They were a smokey white color and easily visible---they didn't hurt me but I had to hide under the covers to go to sleep--parents just think your being a kid--when I got older the same creatures followed me to my Grandparents house--but only when the door was shut and the lights turned out.
You younger folks may find it interesting that doctors used to make house calls in the 40's--and when my friend John downstairs got a shot I could hear him wallering--and the footsteps of the doctor coming up the stairs--I had no where to hide and the damn creatures in my room were no help--
I got very sick and had to be taken to the emergency room, I was put into isolation and they kept giving me shots--I was terrified and screamed for my mother to help me--all she could do was hold out her arms on the other side of the glass--I was having convulsions--something to do with an infection from bad tonsils--they said I had to have my tonsils out--I was so scared--but they said I could get all the ice cream I wanted after the operation.
When I went into the operating room they said I was going on a trip to the moon and put a breathing mask on my face and told me to count down as they instructed me--I think I just made it to 5---
When I woke up in a ward--my throat hurt--it was dark and no parents were there--kids were crying all around me and some were screaming
I had no ice cream and felt abandoned in a nightmare world.
When the sun came up the nurse brought me ice cream and my parents brought me presents--things were a lot better then.

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