Sunday, April 26, 2009

The U-Tube Time Machine

What a pleasant surprise

I watched Susan Boyle on U-Tube,she was amazing but the amazing revelation I had was the majic carpet U-Tube.It has filled my weekend with travel adventure nostalgia,my eyes with tears my depression with cheers and allowed me to forget my various Illnesse's and travel anywhere I wish on the U-Tube time machine.
Nearly anything I conjured up in my mind,someone has made a video of,nearly all he music I care for is represented at the click of a mouse.
I thought of my Navy Duty station,Chase Field Beeville Texas--I was there from March 66 till Aug 1969--got married near there on Dec.26th 1968 .
I had those memories in my mind as I typed Chase Field Beeville Texas.
There was the line shack where I worked for 2 1/2 years and the squadron hangar where I worked on F11's the last year and the hydraulic shop.
The snack bar --( Geedunk) we called it was right there--everything looked so errie--desolate and empty but the memories that came flooding back to me from the 60's were like fresh .
I thought of all the salt water fish I had not yet caught but through the majic of U-tube and its video doners I was right on the boats in azure tossing seas,huge Wahoo,Marlin,Mahi Mahi coming over the stern or being released at the sides,Cobia Blue sharks and Tuna right before my eyes--the excited shouts of fisherman-shouting fish on!!
I wathed my sons video marketing productions and learned a lot about him and his enthusiasm.
I give prps to U-tube and the community of doners who have made it a must see in the cyber world. More later 1grainofsandon the infinitebeaches of time. The Codgerman,papaG,Erio--Rick saying good night.,

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