Monday, April 27, 2009

My Tribute to the Shrimper Man

Texas Shrimper Man-- -------

Texas Shrimper Man
They've left the safety of home and harbor the jetties now lie astern,a diesels drum and the rattling sounds of the rigging set the cadence for their march out to the sea. The doors are down the nets deployed and another days begun for the Shrimper Man.
They labor upon an untamed sea with an eye on the changing sky, there was no band to herald their leaving only a lonely seagulls cry.
Benneath the heavens and above the depths they ride the emerald plain, on chariots of sun bleached bone and rustin steel,carrying ice in holes or freezer stalls, with rope and steel, chain and net, they drag the oceans guts for shrimp, the Shrimper Man.
Their boats have names like the Mary Lou, the Poseidon and the Virginia, with capable Captains at the helm, with Riggers and Headers, the crews they roam,our coastal waters they call their home.They work in the heat--the cold, the light of day and the dark of night often fighting sharks so mean stainless steel they'll tear, just dragging their nets for a meager share, just another day in time for the Shrimper Man.
Tell me Shrimper Man where ya gonna be tonight? Your radfio message said ya had Galveston in sight,are ya loaded down with shrimp and fish and the like? Tell me Texas Shrimper Man, where ya gonna be tonight?
If you stand on some wind swept beach at dusk or dark of night, you'll see their deck lights bob and weave, a diesels drone may warm the breeze,thank God for earth and sky and sea and land and save a special spot for the Shrimper Man--Texas Louisianna,Mississippi,Florida Alabama,Ga. and South Carolina-Shrinmper Mans !!! Eric

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