Thursday, April 30, 2009

Night Fishing--a world of it's own

Night Fishing--part #2

The colorful lights from shore and the star studded sky helped create an artistic master piece upon the black velvet canvas and the ripples born from a slight night wind accent the surface beauty,giving it a shimmering appearance.The trees with brached arms outstretched,stand as staunch sentires,guarding the lake.There is a brilliantly lit cathedral spire casting its likeness upon the waters face,and the lights of aircraft skim the surface unimpeded,flashing across the teflon plain on wings of silence and then disappear into the night.
The sound of wind on wings spirited over head as a bird flashed by on his way to full-fill an agenda known only to him.There are bright flood lights at docks ends that pierce the shadows and attract a storm of insects who fall easy prey to the birds and bats above and the hungry fish below.
The attack upon the bait we cast may only be a tap,but it shudders through graphite,through our hands and to the brain,signaling a STRIKE;lower the rods tip,take up the slack and prepare to set the hook,but into what?,a fat and sassy Bass,or some powerful creature you have just awakened from a million year slumber,such are some of the possibilities in the world of dark imagination and a reality found in the world of night fishing.
When you catch fish at night you may not view your quarry right away,but you can hear him, the blast of water thrown skyward,the surface commotion and feel his violent gyrations as he tries to shake your hook.
These bass may stay deep for a while or blast from the water like a rocket,their huge cavernous mouth looks as big as a wash tub as they clear the water,your heart pounds--his size and your embellishment make him a 20 pounder before he comes to net and light.
Night fishing offers adventure and memories so remember---there's an old moss backed monster waiting along some darkened shore or lying beside a cayon wall or benneath the brush through a small pot hole, tap tap, it's a strike,rod tip down and prepare to set the hook when the sun goes down and the fish and imagination turn on. The end-Eric

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