Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Darers Go First

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I guess I was 3/4 years old-living at the Waldorf apartments, me a my buddy John were riding our tricycles on the landing--the raised concrete porch of our apt. building-about 3feet above the ground.
John said dare ya to ride your bike of the edge and I said--------------------double dare you!!!-----and he said--------------------------------------------------------------double darers go first!!!--!
! *

I rode right off the landing as instructed cause double darers always go first-went into a dive landing headfirst into the brick abutment in front of the basement window--splitting my head open--I could barley make it up the five flights of stairs to our apt--cause blood was in my eyes--mom freaked and they took me to the hospital--they bandaged my head up like a mummy--I was out in the yard the next day--fire trucks had come to the apts across the street--a nice fireman talked to me and said what happened to your head--I said I drove my bike off the edge of the landing--double darers didn't seem like a good thing to do anymore--the fireman just patted my shoulder--said take care of yourself kid. Eric

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