Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a few more thoughts

Hold your horses Mr.

Before I move onto paradise in Maryland, I need to say a few more words about my first 7 years of life---first of all--I don't remember the first 3--which were spent in a place called Baileys Cross Roads-sp?-Va.-in a little brick house--which my parents bought right after dad got home from the war--WW2--
They sold that house when dad started his own business--in D.C
If things were rocky around our house with the arguments etc--they were tempered by the pure enjoyment of going to my Grandparents house every Sunday after church--thank God for Grand Parents!!!
I loved them to death--there house there yard, their dogs--Rusty and Chico--the fun and excitement they stirred in us with stories and teaching us things and--Grandad allowing us to make money doing chores and always he was handing out 50 cent pieces---and the food--let me tell you--I may have had a spartan existance Mon -Sat--with mom being the worlds worse cook--but come Sunday Grandmother C--would serve the worlds greatestmeals and desserts----she even let us help snap peas and lick the bowl of cake batter--I'm going to go into a lot more detail about the Grandparents influence on us and the joy they brought--and salute them right now---they are both gone from this earth but not from my heart or memories-------- Rick The Codger

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