Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fishing with son Scott -the conclusion!

The Nassau Banks --part 3

I left my spot on the cooler to make room for Scott to throw the 12 foot cast net--his 6 ft.3 inch frame and long arms allowed him to throw and open the big net with no problem---first try no Pogeys--yet the water was full of the little dudes---second try Scott pulled the net almost the second it hit the water---BINGO--200 Pogeys!!
We found the bait and then a torrential downpour found us---the bottom fell out--heavy sheets of rain poured from the sky for the next two hours---It was a safe rain--no lightening-the wind and waves were not too bad either--just a good soaking--and when it ended our pathway to the Nassau Banks was lit with sunshine and filled with promise as we headed east. I was pleased to see how well Scott and his buddy Gail worked as a team, many hours of fishing together had honed them into a good tandem. They readied the gear as we arrived at the Banks.
They prepared double live Pogey rigs and two rods were set on the port and starboard downriggers. We.. were in 65 foot of water and the baits were set at the 30 foot mark, another rod was put out about 40 yards behind the boat, and on the last rod-they fabricated what's called a Zombie Rig--this was awesome!!They had a ribbon fish, a dead one about 2 1/2 feet long on which four treble hooks were inserted along its length.In front of the Ribbon Fish on a single hook they put a live Pogey bait. This bait was set out just a few yards behind the boat and could easily be seen.The POgeys swimming motion caused the ribbon fish to look alive further more the Pogey in front thought he was being chased by the Ribbon Fish--causing the Pogey to dart around frantically trying to shake the hungry predator on his tail.What an outstanding bait combination and it would soon pay off!!
We discussed what might be caught out there,Cobia and Kings were the main focus.We didn't think Mahi- Mahi was much of a liklihood because they normally bit much further out than we were--as we were just on the edge of the Banks at a distance of 7 miles from the beach.I was staring at the Zombie rig going from side to side when suddenly from the right a streak of Green Yellow and Blue knifed through the Patriot blue water and nailed the ribbon fish.Scott hollered grab the pole dad. I said you get it son. I was more interested in watching them than catching fish that day. Scott grabbed the pole to fight the lively Mahi -Mahi.He jumped right away blasting skyward the meet the sun--his head shaking violently from side to side--he was a four footer and great table fare--
The rest of the day we caught 4 sharks in the 4 foot range--I enjoyed the day and look forward to other trips in the future--fishing out on our N. Florida waters.---Eric

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