Monday, April 27, 2009

He's such a good boy!

Oh Mrs. G--your son is such a polite young man.

Polite to a fault--that was me,yes mam,yes sir,thank you very much, may I be excused please?

I was just hanging out on the concrete stoop-a handsome young man of 4 years old and when the stranger walked up to me and ask " Young man do you have a basement in this apartment?, I was more than happy to show him-so down into the bowls of hell we treaded, me and the man stranger.
The man led me to the far end of the basement--and he said it sure is hot in here and I said yes sir--and he proceeded to start taking off my cloths--
I'm very fortunate that the maint. man for our apts. came in at that time and ran the man out of the building-I of course did not realize at the time what was happening--- ERic

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