Monday, April 27, 2009

Stand Up to those Bullies Son!

You've got to stand up to those bullies son!!

I was 4 years old--we were still living in the sea of red brick apartments called the Waldorf--it was Christmas morning and one of my gifts was a matched pair of Gene Autry chrome plated cap pistols and gun belt-I put them on and my cowboy hat and headed out into the yard to show them off. I wasn't out there 2 minutes when 2 kids about 10 years old took them from me and walked off--they were from another apartment--I had never seen them before.
I was crushed and went in and told my parents and dad was furious--he said I needed to stand up for myself--and fight for what was mine--those boys towered over me--he said if you see them again demand your guns back or come and get me.
The next day here they come again--I summoned all my courage and walked up to them and said give me my guns back and they just laughed and then each one of them grabbed my shoulders and they led me off forcibly to their apt building which was some distance away. They tied me up and took off my cloths and to my horror hoovered above me with a butcher knife and said if I turned them in they would cut off my private parts.
Dad ask me some time later if I had seen those boys and I said no--they must have moved!!

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