Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Day I Locked Up My Mom

The day I locked up mom-and split with superman cape and a butter knife

There were two things I hated when I was a small child in the Waldorf apts.--One was going shopping with mom at Macy's-to the bargain basement---think of a little child in a crowded store with a herd of women fighting over cloths in a bargain bin--looked like land of the giants to this 3 year old--the other thing I hated was going down into the basement with mom to wash cloths--what fun!! Maybe I had a thing about basements cause I almost got killed in one-but that will be a later story!
Anyway--here we were heading to the basement-mom opened the door with the key and left it in the door as she struggled with the large basket--the door closed and I found myself on the outside with the key.
I really don't know why I did it--but I did--I turned the key--I don't remember if mom was screaming at me as I headed up the stairs to our unlocked apt.--I got a big towel and made myself a cape like superman--and I got into the kitchen drawer and got a butter knife for protection and headed out of our apartments to see the world and introduce myself to new people.
Mom was locked in the cellar for 5 hours till dad got home--no one else came down there all day--meanwhile I had gone to 3 different apt buildings and knocked on multiple doors introducing myself--and finally came across a lady who knew me and took me home to freaked out parents--I can't remember if I got my butt tore up that night or not--wouldn't matter--they called me rock bottom--I would never cry if I got spanked----ERic

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