Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fishin with Scott my youngest Son part 1

The Nassau Banks

The Nassau Banks

I parked the car and walked toward the boat ramp, which was becoming more luminous by the rising sun. The Bounty Hunter was already moving back toward the water. Son Scott was in the boat and as soon as the wheels of the trailer went under--the big Evinrude came to life and into reverse.
The boat eased off into the water and rocked slightly from side to side---a 21 foot fishing machine, a center console boat with a V-6 200 H.P, all rigged out with overhead canopy,gold anodized rod holders, GPS-fish and depth finder,radio and two Penn down riggers.
The boat had a nice deep V hull and should handal larger waves quite well.
I sat on the the big cushioned ice chest facing forward and readied my digital camera for the first few shots. The Bounty Hunter swung east toward the open water. The horizon offered both sunshine and masses of gray as early morning thunderstorms peppered the sky from North to South. Gray clouds drilled the ocean with torrential rains from thousands of feet in the air.
Scott and Gail discussed the weather and turned the radio to the latest forecast.
The morning thunderstorms should ease by 9:15 A.M. It was now 7 A.M and we were between the rock jetties. I took a pic of the ominous sky and another of two channel pilot boats, and as soon as we cleared the jetties Gail turned the bow north and then west as we moved closer to the beach--which we would parrallel heading toward Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island in our search for Pogeys/Menhadden-our live bait for the day.
THe Nassau Banks were our fishing destination, a stretch of water 10 miles east of Nassau Sound with a water depth of 65 feet. It was here the previous week where Scott and Gail had gotten into a large number of Cobia and one of their most exciting days where few things went right and a bunch went wrong. Laughingly later, a real fishing adventure and learning experience.
I held on for dear life as the waves pounded the bow and jarred my body but the ride was great. I was out on the ocean again, a place I always felt at home.
more this evening

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