Monday, April 27, 2009

THe Cuban Missile crisis

Remembrances of the 50's and 60's in Central Florida

We in the Florida area remember the Cuban missile crisis--and the build up of our armed forces.
All around Florida and our area--troops and equipment could be seen on the move--heading South--Convoy after Convoy--troops equipment and armament--we all really felt that war was a very real possibility--nuclear war!!!
U2 aircraft could be seen coming and going across the sky--people hurried construction of shelters--we were never so close to nuclear destruction
During this time my father was Operations Officer for a Civil Air Patrol Squadron in Orlando--and he had to fly one night to Jacksonville on C.A.P business--I was a cadet in C.A.P at the time and went along with two other sr. members--nearing Jacksonville we had engine trouble and had to set down at one of the Jacksonville Navy bases--emergency landing--
WE were surrounded by vehicles-of armed men and the anxiety of the military grew when we deplaned and were wearing fatiques and the flat top fatique caps like Castros men wore--that was the only time I have had guns pointing directly at me.
We were cleared after ID'S and our military orders were verified--

You know the 50's and 60's were a simpler time--fun could be a hayride out in Oviedo and a camp out telling stories around a fire--
Untill I left home for the military--I never saw self service gas stations. I worked part time throughout Jr. High and High School--at filling stations--we pumped the gas--checked the tires and oil--all fluid levels--cleaned the windshields--Dad thought it was the responsible thing to do--work and earn--I did like buying my own cloths--and having some money in my pocket-Dad was a great provider but he wanted us prepared for the real world.
The Sound of Music opened in Orlando and I don't remember it ever closing--did that movie run forever?
I remember 17 cent a gallon gasoline--reel to reel tape recorders.
I bought my cloths at the Male Box--a trendy mens store in Winter Park--Madras shirts were in and Pennie Loafers--no socks with the loafers.
Girls wore girdles in those days-as effective as midievil chastity belts--you knew you were in for a hot evening if she wore kulats--a combo skirt and shorts. Till you discovered that darn girdle.
Moms told some daughters about us guys-- If you were lucky maybe a little action above the waist but they would say mom said nothing below the waist-better happen--My parents were so strict--I had a date one night and was progressing right along in the back seat on a double date--but I went a little farther than I thought I could--so I stopped --and my date said--look buddy--I'll tell you when to stop--I'm 60 now and am still being reminded of that night by my friend Chuck--who was with his date in the front seat.
My dad went round and round about the 5 bad transmissons with Ford Motors regarding his Falcon Squire Wagon--he didn't know my brother was blowing the tran--eees at the st. drags in Bithlo----run what ya brung!! more late Fellow and Lady bloggers Eric

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