Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fishing with Scott part 2

The Nassau Banks part 2

The Nassau Banks

From the Mayport jetties to Fernandina Beach is a beautiful run along the coast. I was familiar with this area from articals I had read while hunting artifacts and looking for buried treasure--with my metal detector--it had been home to pirates in the 16 and 1700's. The old dunes along the coast had been the camp site for many a pirate and the burying ground for many a treasure--or so the stories go--no telling what lay below the sand.
The unspoiled beach was a protected area--weather beaten logs and wind swept sand and flowers and other greenery made an
inspiring sight an actual living post card
of natures beauty-and many an artist had duplicated their vision of this scenic coast.The palm trees swayed to the tempo of the wind, the white capped waves broke upon the sand bars signaling shallow water--as Gail moved the Bounty Hunter a bit east to deeper water--our eyes peeled for the Pogeys--our bait of choice.
The unpopulated portion of the beach eventually gave way to signs of civilization--as homes were seen,and condos--as Amelia Island Plantation came into view--a millionaires playgrond on the North Florida Coast. People could be seen walking along the beach many with their pet dogs in tow, little poodles and other noteable breeds enjoying the early morning stroll. There was a large building looming in the distance--" The Ritz Carlton Hotel" .
WE had moved past Nassau Sound a ways when suddenly birds could be seen diving to the surface in a frenzy--we had found the elusive Pogeys!! more tomorrow in part 3

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