Monday, April 27, 2009

THe Prarie Lake Drive-IN

The Drive In Movie

I don't know about yall but isle 5 on the end was mine----The south end---It didn't have my name on it but was almost always available--yall may have had your favorite spots as well--on this hallowed ground where the passions on the screen often held no candle to the young emotions behind those fogged windows--when a simple kiss burned its way to your very soul, and the stars of the 60's played out their fantasy on the big white screen and the youth which were us,fumbled and grasp at clasp and life's little catches on our trek toward adulthood.
I don't know about yall but aisle 5 on the end was mine--but it's gone now, another victim of expansion and replaced by videos and CD's and cable and satellite--a world on the fast track to oblivion--heres to the old passion pit, the Prairie Lake Drive-In. Eric

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